Arriving in Pamplona

You can travel to Pamplona by plane, train or bus.  I have personally travelled to Pamplona by plane.  

I first arrived in Madrid, and then took the plane to Pamplona.  The Madrid airport is huge, and it's about a 15 minute walk from one end to the other.  We were taken to the plane that we were travelling to Pamplona with via a bus/shuttle.  As you can see in the above picture, it is a small plane. Notice the individual's height and the nose of the plane.  You use the plane's steps to enter the plane rather than a gate that leads you straight to the door.  FYI there is a bit of a distance between the ground and the first step, so the elderly or those with a disability may need to request a bit of a podium to step up on first which I'm sure they'll have available.  The flight is approximately 40 minutes from Madrid to Pamplona.  

The Pamplona airport is very small. It has about two gates for arrival and two for departure.  Soon as you get off the plane, you walk to the airport, collect your luggage and walk right out to get a taxi. The taxis line up, and you wait for the first one rather than walking over to a taxi that looks available.  Be sure to have your hotel address ready.  The taxi drivers don't know English, so you would say "Me gustaria ir a mi hotel ____(name of your hotel)_____" [Translation: "I would like to go to my hotel: ______"] and then hand them the address.  A lot of them seem to have gps, so they can punch in the address.  

The airport is about 20 minutes out of the old town and city.    To get to old town Pamplona where the bull run is held, you might be looking at about 15 euros.   You drive through the newer developed city before you get to old town Pamplona. 

Any questions? If so, please post your question in the comment area and I will try my best to answer it.

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