Renting Balcony Spaces

There are various companies out there that rent balcony spaces out. (I've rented with Pamplona Posse a.k.a. Pamplona Experts on multiple occassions. I wouldn't recommend them. Three out of the four times we booked with them, the doors to the apartment were locked and no one was there to let us in even though we arrived on time. We went through a lot of crap before we got in. Details: Pamplona Posse Review)

Here are some things to consider.

Whose Balconies are These:
The balconies are balconies of people's homes.  For the week of San Fermines (the running of the bulls), companies will rent out their apartment and then rent out spaces on the balcony.   To be clear, when you are paying a price for a balcony, you are only paying for one spot. You are not renting the whole balcony.

Which Street To Book a Space on:
Santo Domingo (2, in the below photo): Tight and short
Mercaderes (3): Short, and The Curve is at the end of this street
The Curve (4): If you get a balcony that can look down Estafeta and Mercaderes then it's a great spot.  The curve is just fun to watch for the potential of people and bulls colliding.
Estafeta (5) The longest street of the whole bull run
You can also get a seat at the The Bull Ring/Plaza Del Toros for approximately 5 euros. 
Estafeta and 'The Curve' is the best because you see more action and get a longer view of the run.

What Floor to Book a Balcony On:
It's nice to be lower because you're closer to the bulls.  You're closer to the adrenaline, the excitement, the energy, and the sight and smell of the bulls!

BUT the bulls run by in a matter of literally 4 second when you're on the lower level.  From a higher level you can see further down the street, so you get to see more, and as a result you'll see more of the bulls running.  So definitely get a higher balcony.

If you are booking more than one balcony, I would recommend a low one at the curve or Santo Domingo, and a high one on Estafeta.

Which Day:
All days are good, but towards the beginning, there are more people, and people are more amped up.

The price for the balconies range from 75-95 euros.  It depends on the company you go with. The more spaces you book, you could negotiate the price down.  Here is an email from one of the companies about the prices. 

Right now, for the 2012 sanfermines, we have balconies for 75, 85, or 95 euros/person .........The rate varies with the date of the bullruns, location on the bullrun, and the level of the balcony.....Here are the details:
Right now, for July 12, 13 and 14, we have several openings on our fantastic balcony location on Calle Mercaderes, 3rd floor, with great views of the famous corner of Estafeta with Mercaderes, aka Dead Man's Curve!! The views are of all of Mercaderes Square, and Dead Man's Corner, where the bulls make the turn onto Estafeta, from Mercaderes, as the bulls continue their charge toward the bullring!   75 euros/person/morning. Coffee and Spanish continental breakfast included.

Also, right now, for July 12, 13, and 14, we have two balcony places open on our Estafeta, FIRST balcony, with spectacular views of the bulls as they charge past the balcony. 85 euros/each. Coffee and Spanish continenal breakfast included.

When you are renting spaces, ensure you ask the company how many other people will be on the balcony.  The last thing you want after spending so much money is to be crammed between strangers and then struggle for a glimpse of the bull run in the few seconds that the bulls run by. Ask for a balcony of maximum four people. You don't want your balcony overbooked like these people, you want your balcony to be comfortable like the bottom left:

I have only had experiences with Pamplona Posse and I would not recommend them.  CLICK ME for the review.

The Views



The Curve  
(the corner of Mercaderes and Estafeta)


The end of Santo Domingo