Weather During San Fermin

I went to San Fermin/Running of the Bulls in 2012.  It was not hot but it was nice warm weather. 
It was not warm to the extent that you would sweat.  A nice tshirt or blouse would do just fine.

During the Bull Run:
In the morning it is a bit cool.  It would be useful to have a light thin jacket, or just wear a thin sweater.

Throughout the Day:
It is warm.  Soametimes during a clear, sunny day the sun can barrel down on you and it may get a bit hot.  However generally speaking it can be warm, but it's not hot enough to get sweaty.

In the Night:
During the evening it can get windy and there can be a coolness to the air, in which case you'll want a light jacket.

Onlookers Warmly Dressed Watching the Fireworks

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