Getting to Your Balcony Space

Firstly, it is important to ask the company you booked your balcony with to walk you to the entrances where you will enter the building on the day you pay up for your bookings.   You don't want to waste time on the morning of your bull run looking for the door.  There is a point in the morning where they clear the streets shortly before the bull run, and you'll be grouped with the runners and you may not get to your door.  As you can see, the doors will be completely unassuming and unlabelled.
It will also be useful to ask the company if there will be anyone or if there can be anyone who will wait by the door to let you in on the morning of the bull run.  Often the companies expect you to buzz up.  I had Pamplona Posse a.k.a. Pamplona Experts. I would buzz and buzz, but no one came.  I've had like 4 experiences of this happening.  So believe me when I give you these tips.  They all come from having bad experiences which I'm trying to help you avoid.   Read the review for more details: Pamplona Posse Review

Secondly, I advise you to ask them what the doorway will look like.  The floors in these apartment buildings are not always numbered.  The doors are not always numbered either, so you can't be sure you're knocking on the right door, and you don't want to be disturbing poor residents.   As you can see in this photo, the doorway is not labeled. Beyond this door is Apartment A and Apartment B.  Pamplona Posse sent us beyond this door to Apartment B, but when we rang the buzzer, no one answered to open the first door so that we can get to Apartment B.  So ask if the door is labeled, and if it is not, ask them what the door looks like (as people often have different-looking doors).

Thirdly, ensure you give yourself ample time to get to your balcony before the bull run.  Sometimes someone may not be there at the door to let you in, or someone may not come to get you right away when you buzz.  Ask the company what you should do in case no one answers the buzzer or lets you in.  There may be another balcony nearby they can let you on.  Also, clarify what their policy is if you do go and no one is there to let you in and you miss getting to see the bull run from your balcony.  You spent a lot of money, and you very much deserve to know what they'll do in cases like this.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comment section below, and I will try to respond asap.