Stages of the Bull Run

First people line up on the street starting around 630am

 Barricades are erected. 

The police and paramedics will appear and take their position behind the first barriar.
Around 720am, the police will clear the streets by gathering people in groups at the end of Estafeta, and at the corner of Mercaderes and Santo Domingo.  Police supposedly do this to filter out the drunks and to allow workers to clear the streets of broken glass etc.  

Shortly after, around 740am, they let the people loose once again to find a place they'd like to start running from.   By 750am people are cheering, stretching, and jumping up and down to get their adrenaline going. 

At exactly 8am, you will hear three rockets and soon you'll see people running and constantly looking behind them... then around the corner will come the bulls.  Once those bulls have reached the bull ring at the end of Estafeta, they will fire another rocket.

About 2 minutes later, some pretty docile (castrated) bulls run the route to gather any stray bulls left behind.

Directly after, that's it.  People head back to their hotels to sleep or head to a cafe for some breakfast right after the bull run like these people.

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